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Courses offering

The master’s program Energy, Finance, Carbon provides students with core courses aimed at giving them the full range of economic tools necessary to understand and analyse the developments and challenges in the energy field, and a broad optional courses offering. 

The goal of these optional courses is to help students develop analytical and professional skills while specialising in energy and/or climate change. Ranging from economics to law, finance and markets governance, they allow students to gain a deeper knowledge of the various energy sectors, depending on their interest.

In addition to these courses, students are required to write a master’s thesis credited with 16 ECTS.

The master’s program is taught partially in English. In the following list, the courses in French are indicated with (Fr) and the courses in English with (En).


Fundamental Courses (30h, 4 ECTS each, mandatory) 

  • Electricity and gas market empirical modeling (Anna Creti) (En)

  • Game theory with applications to energy and climate policy (Patrice Geoffron) (Fr)

  • Economics of climate change (Christian de Perthuis) (Fr)

  • Economics of energy and the environement (Jan H. Keppler) (Fr)

  • Project finance in the energy markets (Fabien Roques) (Fr)
  • Econometrics of energy markets (Yannick Le Pen and Marie Bessec) (Fr)


Optional Courses (18h, 2 ECTS each, ten course to be selected)

(The courses below are opened to all students. The students who choose the research program must select at least 5 courses in research (R))

  • Geopolitics of energy (R) (Jean-Marie Chevalier, Marie-Claire Aoun) (En)
  • Economics of oil and gas markets (R) (Thierry Bros, Frédéric Lasserre) (Fr)
  • Economics of commodity markets (R) (Pierre-Noël Giraud) in partnership with master 212 - International Affairs (Fr)
  • Advanced industrial organisation  (R) (Jan H. Keppler) (En)
  • Term structures: commodities, interest rates, and other assets (Delphine Lautier) in partnership with master 104 - Research in Finance (En)
  • Energy Policies (R) (Sophie Méritet) (En)

  • The EU Emission Trading Scheme (Emilie Alberola) (Fr)

  • Interaction between carbon and energy markets (R) (Raphaël Trotignon, Boris Solier) (Fr)

  • Energy efficiency (Marc Bussieras) (Fr)

  • Economics of the electricity sector (Fabienne Salaün) (Fr)
  • Renewable energy: analysis and politics (Michel Cruciani et Louis Boisgibault) (En/Fr)

  • Economics of climate change and development (Benoît Leguet et Pierre Forestier) (Fr)

  • Economics of regulation and regulatory risk  (François Boisseleau) (Fr)

  • Law and energy (Claudie Boiteau) (Fr)

  • Globalisation and environmental policies (R) (Stéphanie Monjon) (Fr)

  • Financial markets, energy and commodities (R) (Julien Chevallier) (En)
  • Energy and Finance (Bisser Alexandrov) (Fr/En)

  • Introduction to financial market (Michel Ruimy) (Fr)


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