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The "Energy, Finance, Carbon" Master

The « Energy, Finance, Carbon » Master offers high-level training courses addressing the main challenges in the field of energy. The six core courses are taught by renowned professors and provide energy economics and financial analysis skills as well as a deep understanding of the environmental issues.

Moreover, the students choose ten elective courses out of twenty, allowing them to personalize their training and match their needs with their professional goals. Indeed, the Master program offers a wide range of optional courses in the fields of energy, finance and carbon.   

The students willing to follow the “research” training will be able to attend the needed theoretical courses while the ones aiming for the “professional” training will be able to get courses providing more operational courses.

The EFC Master is associated with the CGEMP (Geopolitics of Energy and Commodities Research Centre), the economics laboratory of Dauphine (LEDA) as well as the Chair of European Electricity Markets and Climate change economics. The visiting professors are invited by the CGEMP or the Chairs to hold a seminar in their specialization field for the students of the EFC Master.

For most of the courses, guest-professors share their knowledge and experience, adding a great value to the Master program. The 2015-2016-presentation brochure of the EFC Master may be downloaded here.


Part of the « Economy and financial engineering » Master program

The “Energy, Finance, Carbon” Master is a Master 2 degree which is a part of the “Economy and financial engineering” Master program provided by Dauphine, it offers a thorough and operational training about financial markets (capital, stocks, currency, derivatives) and physical markets (commodities, energy).


Providing a « Great Institution » Master degree

The “professional” training of the EFC Master provides a “Great institution” Master degree (DGE), while the “research” training of the EFC Master provides a “National” Master degree (DN).