Two types of standard programs – Research or Professional

The “Energy, Finance, Carbon” Master is a university degree with an international outlook about energy and environment, training skilled students in energy economics, financial analysis and carbon management and meeting the strategic needs of the energy firms.

The “Energy, Finance, Carbon” Master (EFC) offers:


  • Two types of standard program: “professional” (20 students) and “research”(12 students). 
  • A continuing education program, attending the same courses as the standard program students. The continuing training is designed for professionals from the energy and carbon field willing to broaden their theoretical knowledge as well as professionals from other backgrounds attempting to specialize in the energy field and to get both new theoretical and operational skills. 


Through the EFC Master program, students are trained to master the growing role of markets in the energy sector while dealing with the global environmental targets. Ensuring sustainable development requires addressing these issues in the shifting and complex contexts of both economics and financial fields. Then the EFC Master provides the specific skills necessary to successfully tackle these issues through both a strategic vision and an operational plan at national and international levels.



The EFC Master teaching staff is part of the “Industrial organization, energy, environment” department included in both LEDA (the economics laboratory of Dauphine) and CGEMP (Geopolitics of Energy and Commodities Research Centre).


André Giraud, former Minister of Industry, and aims to promote synergies between the University and the firms of the energy and commodities field, founded the CGEMP at the University of Dauphine on 1982.

The CGEMP gradually completed his former fossil fuels based expertise by broadening the renewable energy sector according to the global context. Every year, three to five doctoral students present their thesis at the CGEMP. The Centre organizes, on his own or along with partners, a wide range of symposiums and special events on issues related to energy and climate.